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Nursing Staff Retention Survey

In July 2021 the Network created a survey for our adult critical care nurses in order to help us understand our nurse’s wellbeing and factors which may influence their intention to leave their roles.

The survey received 427 responses from 33 units within the Thames Valley & Wessex and Kent, Surrey & Sussex Adult Critical Care Networks. We would like to thank everyone who shared and completed the survey.

We have written a report on the findings of the survey along with Network recommendations and produced an infographic. We also created a specific infographic for every unit with five or more responses with the hope that these are displayed in common areas for ICU staff.

The report was shared widely within the Network, including to every Trust’s Chief Nurse and Unit Matron, with a request to share the report amongst their staff.

It was also shared with national critical care nursing organisations and regional NHSE teams, who are keen to discuss these findings further.


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Infographic of Critical Care Nursing Staff Survey 2021