Rehabilitation Group

The purpose of the rehabilitation subgroup is to promote, develop and share learning with regards to rehabilitation services within the intensive care setting, throughout the Thames Valley and Wessex Network. The meetings are a fantastic networking opportunity and a chance for the group to share knowledge and resources. 

The group is dynamic and proactive, and at every meeting each Trust takes a turn in presenting a project or service evaluation that they can all learn from. The group discuss the latest guidance and emerging evidence and have recently been concentrating on recovery after ICU. 

Patient and relative speakers are invited to the meeting, and they help to emphasize the importance of optimal rehabilitation after critical illness. The group firmly believe that rehabilitation is extremely important as it helps to make the lives that the ICU teams save worth living. 

How often does the group meet?

Quarterly via MS Teams

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Group chair(s)

Name: Zoe van Willigen
Title: Clinical Specialist/ Lead Physiotherapist, Critical Care
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust