Practice Educators Group

The Practice Educators Subgroup is to provide a forum for collaboration and the sharing of lessons and outcomes for the benefit of stakeholders within the Network and beyond, to improve patient and staff experience.

The continued education of our critical care nurses is an important component of the successful delivery of Adult Critical Care Services within Provider Trusts. 



Each Critical Care Unit within Thames Valley and Wessex will have a nominated Practice Educator (Lead) as a member of the subgroup.

Membership will also compromise of at least one Network Management team representative (e.g. Network Manager, Network Lead Nurse, Network Education Project Lead, etc.).

Duties & Responsibilities of the group:

  • Support, participate and contribute to the Thames Valley and Wessex ACC ODN objectives and annual work programme

  • Organise ad-hoc benchmarking or audits with relation to Education

  • Encourage and provide a forum for the sharing of best practice and lessons learnt

  • Provide peer support to other practice educators within the Thames Valley and Wessex ACC ODN

  • Support two-way communication between the Network and provider Trusts ensuring a consensus is reached

  • Agree common standards

How often does the group meet?

Every two months

Every other meeting is combined with the Curriculum Group .

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Group Chair(s)

Jane Adderley, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Intensive Care Unit at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust