Patient Stories

Amanda’s experience at Stoke Mandeville ICU

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a wife and a mum to 3 boys. I was born with muscular dystrophy (MD), a degenerative condition that weakens muscles over time. I’ve had 2 admissions to Intensive Care; firstly for 3 months with sepsis, and secondly for over 6 months due to anaemia. Both times MD complicated my admissions, and I was ventilated and had a tracheostomy to assist weaning from the ventilator.

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Danielle’s Story – Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) at Bournemouth ICU

‘Finally in a few months I’m off to my lifelong dream trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, well so I thought’. Night of the 7th January 2019 (due to fly out 8th), I started having unusual intense pins and needles in my hands and feet, the next morning this got worse. I felt unsteady on my feet so made an appointment at the doctors that morning.

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Gary's Story - Winchester ICU

For a few weeks I was feeling under the weather and on 3 occasions was kept in overnight in hospital for observations but was eventually discharged. On the 10th of June 2017 I was admitted again, this time I was kept in. On Friday night I was in considerable pain, so they decided to operate.

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Martin's Story - Poole ICU

As we come to celebrate 70 years of the NHS in July 2018, founded by MP, Nye Bevan, for Ebbw Vale, South Wales, I come to celebrate my 10 years of survival of a critical illness in July 2008.

Just to give you some background about me, I have been married to Lyn for over forty years, and we have a son and daughter, who we are extremely proud of.

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Richard’s Story – Physio at Southampton Neuro ICU

For a few weeks in July 2020, I had a sore back, being in lockdown and having overdone it on golf and cycling I didn’t think much of it. I visited physios and Chiropractor, but everyone agreed it was just being nearly 50 and over doing it. Gin and Tonics with some rest was the answer – an answer I happily accepted.

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Bristol Royal Infirmary

The BRI recently shared a positive story for one of their complex long stay patients, demonstrating fantastic examples of MDT team working and innovation and enhanced patient care.

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