Course Overview

The Foundation Course delivers a blended approach to the education of nurses who are new to the critical care environment or within their first year of critical care nursing. Much of the teaching content is online and asynchronous which improves access to and inclusivity of educational opportunities. In addition, the course can be offered to a wider geographical area with the aim of standardising the education of new critical care nurses.

The programme is mapped to the National Standards for Critical Care Nurse Education (CC3N, 2018). The programme contains a work-based element which includes the completion of the National Competency Framework for Critical Care Nurses, Steps 1.

Student studying with laptop showing an e-learning course

Our Foundation Course is online, asynchronous, and self-directed. Nurses enrolled on the course can access the content whenever and wherever they like. There is no rigid structure or set study days, which can improve rostering allowing nurses from the same unit to have different study leave. 

Course content is tailored for those who are new to the critical care environment or within their first year of critical care nursing. 

There are fortnightly drop-in clinics for all learners to access if they have questions or require support and guidance throughout the course. As well as easy to follow orientation activities and discussion forums creating a friendly environment where nurses across the network can share ideas, experiences and feel more involved. 

The course uses a variety of learning materials to keep the content engaging, including pre-course workbooks, videos, interactive presentations, branching scenarios, online quizzes and links to additional resources. 

Modules are peer reviewed by Clinical Educators from across the South of England, to ensure the content is relevant and current. 

The Foundation Course is supported by Oxford Brookes University who provide valuable insight to how we make the course more accessible, interactive and engaging. Oxford Brookes University also provide guidance and resources on academic writing, reflective practice, referencing, literature searches and critical appraisals. 



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How to apply: 

To enrol on the Thames Valley and Wessex Adult Critical Care Foundation Course please notify your Clinical Educator of your interest and they will submit your name, contact details and which trust you are from to either Lynette Kinnaird or Carl Ridgley.

We have bi-monthly enrolments throughout the year: January, March, May, July, September, November and we will send out joining instructions once the relevant information has been received. 

Carl Ridgley Adult Critical Care Education Facilitator


Carl Ridgley

Adult Critical Care Education Facilitator

Lynette Kinnaird Adult Critical Care Network Education Administrator

Lynette Kinnaird
Network Education Administrator