Jan 10th, 2023

National Critical Care News

Critical Care Nurse Education A national investment of £10 million has been provided to support access for critical care registered nursing staff to undertake a national standard critical care course, two higher education Institutes have been successfully selected to deliver the course including competency Steps 1, 2 & 3 to the South West. Other providers of critical care education are available and we will be available for any region to apply to. We received  additional investment for our critical care clinical educators; this funding would be for one year only and were targeted to increase the numbers of unit educators as well as supporting achievement of educational qualification.

A number of national working groups have been established to support delivery of critical care across England. Some of the key changes will be around development of enhanced care areas, improving the Directory of Services data collection and reporting system, workforce planning and the development of regional Adult Critical Care Transfer Services (ACCTS) .

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