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Nov 07th, 2022

Musgrove Park Hospital

The impact of such a lengthy period within the critical care environment on this individual's life must be enormous. During their stay, there have been numerous opportunities for MDT working and shared care across the trust's clinical teams, working closely with the patient and family. Following discussion/ advice from the Governance Team and involvement from the Critical Care MDT, Musgrove's Critical Care Rehab Team successfully escorted this patient to a local pub to meet other members of their family, some off duty staff and Daisy, the Critical Care pet therapy dog. This was the first time this patient had left the hospital site in their wheelchair and was able to hear the rustle of leaves on the trees, enjoy fresh air and company in a relaxed atmosphere.  Something, we often take for granted. It was a wonderful hour, which the patient enjoyed greatly and was worth all the preparation. The team at Musgrove Park have felt enormous achievement in enhancing this patient's patient experience. They will soon to be transferred to a neuro rehab centre, to continue their recovery.